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Hello !

My name is Jon Welch and I live in Sutton In Ashfield, England.

In my spare time, I write freeware and shareware software and this web site is intended to be a support site for my programs.

I will publish the latest versions of my software here and be available to answer any questions you may have about my programs.

I started out writing Packet Radio software many years ago (hence the G7JJF Ham Radio callsign) and wrote a range of Terminal Driver programs which were widely popular in their day. You can read more about this software here.

More recently, I have renewed my interest in the fascinating hobby of Metal Detecting. Check out my pages for more info and pictures of some recent finds.

I also dabble in writing software for the Pocket PC range of handheld computers. Take a look here at the software I have written so far.

My latest interest is retro Acorn Computing. I have ported the excellent BeebEm BBC emulator program to the Mac and also written some very useful DFS/ADFS disc transfer utilities. Read more about this software here.

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