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If you own a Mac, look here for info on my native BeebEm port to the Mac
(current version 4.0a 22/07/17)

I have recently renewed my nostalgic interest in all things Acorn and have spent the last few months rummaging through all my old discs and tapes of software, transferring everything to my PC. You may have noticed that I modified the XFER serial transfer software recently to add support for ADFS disc formats and also modified the bbctape software to easily create DFS disc images of my old tapes in real time.

You can download this software below :

Now I have all these disc images on my PC, I don't have a clue what is on them !

To aid my failing memory, I have written two programs to allow me to explore my ADFS and DFS disc images, view files and copy files to and from my PC's  hard disc. ADFS Explorer has recently been updated to allow you to explore IDE and SCSI hard disc images in conjunction with the BeebEm emulator program. Both these programs are available in Windows or Mac format.

After reviewing all my old disc images, I will be making some available for download. I have started by making available my collection of Telesoftware which was downloaded from CeeFax from Oct 87 to Aug 89.

You can browse the collection and download anything of interest here.

I have also recently acquired a Risc PC off eBay. Many years ago I wrote several programs for, my then, Archimedes 440. After seeing if they still work on the new Risc PC, I will be making some available for download. You can take a look at my first offerings here.

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All the software on this sub-site is free to download, but if you find any of the software useful and wish to show your appreciation, you can make a donation via PayPal by clicking on the button corresponding to your local currency below.

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Current Program Versions
Program Version Release Date
Windows ADFS.NET Explorer 4.0.5 01/06/23
Windows DFS.NET Explorer 4.0.1 10/02/23
Windows ADFS Explorer 3.0.2 22/05/18
Windows DFS Explorer 2.2.0 20/07/12
Windows CF Utilities 1.02 31/08/09
Windows Ceefax Explorer 1.1 08/06/10
Mac BeebEm 4.0a 22/07/17
Mac BBC Games List 1.0.2 18/11/06
Mac Electron Games List 1.0.0 11/12/06
Mac DFS Explorer 2.0.2 02/01/21
Mac ADFS Explorer 2.1.3 02/01/21
Mac CF Utilities 1.01 10/01/10
Linux DFS Explorer 1.0.3 27/07/06
Brandy for WinCE 1.16b 14/03/06

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