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Here, you will find links to some Pocket PC software I have written.

The first is a version of the classic tile matching Same Game.

The second is a bit more techy and is a really useful diagnostic tool for SCADA or PLC engineers. It allows you to hook up your Pocket PC to any PLC or other device which communicates using the MODBUS serial or TCP/IP protocol and remotely interrogate data or write data down to it. You can find more information about the Modbus Master program by clicking here.

I have now added a Modbus Slave program which also includes a scripting language to allow it to simulate a simple PLC. You can find more information about the Modbus Slave program by clicking here. You can also see some screen dump and further information on the scripting facilities here.

After numerous requests, I have now created a Modbus Master ActiveX control. Simply plug this into your favourite development environment, either Pocket PC or desktop, and communicate to your Modbus device with ease !

I also know DNP-3 and IEC-870-5-101 so I may produce a similar program for communicating with devices using these protocols as well.

A dedicated web site has now been created to showcase my Modbus software which now includes sample HMI software and Modbus Master/Slave software for Windows. Visit www.modsoft.co.uk for further information.

I am also porting the excellent BeebEM BBC/Master 128 emulator to the Pocket PC and you can see a bit more about it here.

If you own a Mac, look here for info on my native BeebEm port to the Mac
(current version 4.0a 22/07/17)

My latest project is a conversion of the game Space Trader, originally for Palm OS. This conversion is being done with the full permission of the original author Pieter Spronck. You can see some screen shots here and download Ver 1.1 of the game by visiting the Space Trader site at www.spacetrader.co.uk.

I have also ported the Brandy BBC Basic V interpreter to the Pocket PC.

All the software is developed using Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ and tested on my Compaq iPAQ H3630 and H4350.

Sorry, but all those looking for Elite for Pocket PC will be disappointed to know I have been asked by David Braben to remove all download files from my site.

However, negotiations are currently underway to obtain permission from the copyright holders to legally distribute the game.

Check out www.eliteppc.com for further information !

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