The current version of Mac BeebEm is 4.0a dated 22/07/17. You can download it here (6282 KB).

Just open the ZIP file and copy the BeebEm4a folder to your hard disc. Double click the BeebEm4 application icon within the folder to run the program.

Check out README_MAC.TXT within the archive file for further information.

It's been a while since the last release of BeebEm and OSX has moved on a bit since I developed the software on 10.6.8. It seems the program doesn't load properly on the latest 10.12.3 Sierra due to it being quarantined by Apple. However, guddler on has created a new installation DMG file which now works fine. Download it here.

Having now bought an external firewire drive, I have got my system booting into 10.3.7, 10.3.9 and 10.4.11.

The above dmg installs and runs fine with 10.3.9 and above without any known errors and it actually runs a lot faster on a 10.3.x OS !

The latest version which runs on 10.3.7 is 3.0s which you can download here.

I no longer have a Mac so development is being done under emulation. If you have a Mac Mini going spare which will run 10.6.8 and the latest 10.12.3, please get in touch if you want to sell it.

I only have access to my new Mac Mini so I don't know what other systems or versions of OS the emulator will work on.

If you find that it works OK on your system, could you please send me details of your configuration and performance so I can update the table below.

Model Processor Speed OS 640x512 fps Thanks to
Mac Mini G4 1.42 GHz 10.4.11 38 Me
Mac Mini G4 1.42 GHz 10.3.9 50 Me
Mac Mini G4 1.42 GHz 10.3.7 50 Me
Mac Mini G4 1.25 GHz 10.4.8 34-37 Alan Staniforth
Mac Mini G4 1.25 GHz 10.4.2 37 Richard Lowe
Mac Pro Intel Core 2 Xeon Dual 3.0 GHz 10.4.8 50 Timothy Coltman
Mac Pro Intel Core 2 Xeon Dual 2.66 GHz 10.4.8 50 David Clements
PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0 GHz 10.4.9 50 Andy Spencer
PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8 GHz 10.4.3 50 Ian McCall
iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz 10.4.8 50 David Marshall
MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz 10.5.1 50 Roy Clarke
iMac Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz 10.4.4 49-51 David Skinner
MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz 10.4.6 40 Rupert Ingham
Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83 GHz 10.5.1 50 Francis Loch
Mac Mini Intel Core Duo 1.67 GHz 10.4.8 50 Bob Franklin
20" iMac G5 2.0 GHz 10.4.2 48-51 Ian Goldsmith
PowerMac G5 2.0 GHz 10.4.2 50 Daniel Jameson
17" iMac G5 1.8 GHz 10.3.9 46 Robert Lowes
PowerBook G4 1.67 GHz 10.4 45 Lee Wilkin
17" PowerBook G4 1.67 GHz 10.4.8 50 David Clements
15" PowerBook G4 1.67 GHz 10.4.2 35 Francis Devereux
17" PowerBook G4 1.5 GHz 10.5.2 50 Karl Chapman
15" ?? ?? 1.5 GHz 10.4.2 40+ Neville Dalal
12" iBook G4 1.33 GHz 10.4.8 40-42 Andrew Hutchings
PowerMac G4 Dual 1.25 GHz 10.4.8 49-51 Alan Staniforth
12" iBook G4 1.2 GHz 10.3.9 25 Daniel Hanlon
14" iBook G4 1.0 GHz 10.4.2 30 Simon Green
iMac G4 1.0 GHz 10.3.9 30-48 Richard Walker
PowerBook G4 1.0 Ghz 10.4.8 41 Bob Franklin
15" iBook G3 700 MHz 10.3.9 7-15 Tom Matthews
15.2" Powerbook G4 667 MHz 10.4.2 25 Thomas Harte
PowerMac G4 450 MHz 10.3.9 18-25 Daniel van der Pol
PowerBook G4 400 Mhz ?? 15 Daniel Sharp
Blue and White PowerMacintosh G3 400 Mhz 10.4.2 14 Pascal Harris

If the program doesn't work on your system or just simply crashes, can you please load the OSX Console application and run the program again.

Some debugging information will be displayed in the Console window and it may end up saying BeebEm crashed (together with a disc location for the crash report).

If you can send me the contents of the console display and any crash report generated, this will help me investigate the problem further.

Revision History
Date Version Changes
22/07/17 4.0a 8271 bug fixes
Bug fix with *TIME command
Bug fix with *TV command
Bug fix with save to tape
Made disc drive sounds configurable
Added disc drive sound emulation
Fixed bug in M128 BIT instruction
09/02/08 3.3a Added disc LED lights in 8271 mode
Added 1770 controller options in Model B mode
Added support for Watford Double Density 720K disc images
(use file extension of .wdd to recognise disc image)
01/01/08 3.3 Added remote client/server ethernet option for serial port emulation
(so you could write software to telnet to a remote network, write a simple web browser or ftp client etc, running on the Beeb)
Added print screen function
Added copy screen to clipboard function
Added three new higher resolution screen modes
Added freeze when minimised option
Added load/save user keyboard layouts
Added protect on load disc option
Bug fix - Missing scan line at top of screen
Bug fix - Non-default window size not set on startup
Bug fix - Random crash when changing from mode 7 to any other screen mode
Bug fix - Cursor position wrong when in column 1 in editing mode
Slight tweak to source code to get it to compile using Xcode 3 on Leopard
Slight change to sound routine to remove some artefacts
15/09/07 3.2a Added clipboard as destination for printer
Added cmd-C to copy BASIC program to clipboard
Added cmd-V to paste BASIC program from clipboard
(alternatives to using *SPOOL/*EXEC with disc files)
Corrected emulation of PLY processor instruction
Added new program and disc icons
Set root directory to $ for new ADFS images
Fixed keyboard interrupt handling routine
Fixed disc write protect menu update after ejecting a disc
Increased default Econet flag fill timeout to 250000
14/05/07 3.2 Added ARM Second Processor support
01/01/07 3.1 Added serial port support
Added preliminary 300 baud support for CSW, Swarm now loads
Added hard disc activity LED's
Added CSW support to Tape Control window
Added support for Level 3 Econet User Port RTC Module
Added support for mixed mode ADFS/NETFS format discs
07/10/06 3.0w Added cmd-P screen dump command
(To create bmp pictures for BBC Games List program)
04/10/06 3.0v Fixed problem of saving to ADFS hard disc under 65C02 emulation
Altered launching of BeebEm by clicking on image file to autorun disc (for compatibility with new BBC Games List database frontend program)
13/09/06 3.0u Added preliminary support for loading CSW format tape images
Added emulation of Microvitec touch screen
Added user port breakout box
Fixed joystick emulation in Master 128 mode
Fixed problem of ESC key not always being detected
Fixed problem of accessing files when ADFS and DFS discs loaded side by side
Fixed a couple of tape related game loading problems
Fixed interrupt clearing issue in 8271 disk emulation
Minor VIA timing tweak to make Snapper work again
20/08/06 3.0t Rebuilt application as universal binary
Added UDP broadcast support for TeleText server software,
so I can now watch live Teletext via my wireless network
on my Mac and PC at the same time which is way cool !
Added changes done by Mike Wyatt to BeebEm Ver 3.3, namely :
Added menu options to enable/disable Teletext adapter and hard drive emulation.
Removed ADFS and ATS ROMs from Model-B configuration as they were causing a few problems.
Improved VIA and interrupt timing and fixed instruction cycle count for branches. The following programs now run:
Nightshade (tape), Lancelot, The Empire Strikes Back, Dabs Fingerprint, Yie Ar Kung-Foo (tape)
Added "Eject Disc" options to the file menu. The name of the currently loaded image file is shown next to the menu option.
Change sound volume to be exponential.
01/04/06 3.0s Added support for Acorn Z80 Co-Processor

(BTW I'm 40 today )

26/03/06 3.0r Added support for Master 512 Co-Processor
Added support for Acorn Teletext Adapter
30/12/05 3.0q Added SCSI ADFS Hard Disc support
Added SASI Torch Z80 Hard Disc support
Added Econet support
(therefore TORCHNET works using the Torch Z80 Co-Processor)
Removed IDE support as no longer needed)
24/12/05 3.0p Added emulation of TMS5220/TMS6100 Speech Generator
QuickTime movie demonstrating speech generator 5648KB
(speaking all the words from a USA PHROM)
QuickTime movie of an English Zero ! 1127KB
(using example from the Acorn Speech System User Guide)
If anyone can send me any other TMS6100 PHROM file images, I would appreciate it !
20/12/05 3.0o Added 6502/Z80 Debugger
16/12/05 3.0n Added Motion Blur option
Added tape relay sounds
Fixed problem with case-sensitive filing systems
Fixed tape control window not scrolling properly
Fixed tape control window showing extra block data
22/11/05 3.0m Added Full Screen display mode
Merged in BeebEm for Windows bug fixes, namely :
Improved VIA timing emulation and fixed some instruction cycle counts
Fixed bug in horizontal displayed register emulation
Fixed bug in virtical sync position register emulation
Fixed bug in virtical displayed/total register emulation for mode 7
01/11/05 3.0l Added Skip Frame and Frame Size options to video capture
28/10/05 3.0k Added QuickTime recording of running program
(Sample movie file) 1031KB
25/09/05 3.0j Added user defined keyboard mapping
23/09/05 3.0i Added key mapping for '@' character (forgot to put it in !)
Added support for tape images
21/08/05 3.0h Added support for 16 bit colour displays
17/08/05 3.0g Fixed problem of emulator sometimes dropping to 0 fps
Fixed problem of red close button forcing emulator full screen
07/08/05 3.0f Added support for the Torch Z80 co-processor card
Changed compiler to use GCC 3.3 so program works on 10.3.x without complaining about missing library errors
Fix to remove -kCGColorSpaceGenericRGB error on pre 10.4.x OS's
16/07/05 3.0e Improved screen refresh rate at default resolution by 25%
Added support for launching BeebEm by selecting a disc image from Finder
Added support for disabling F9-F12 hot keys on Tiger OS
Changed compiler options to use weak linking so the program should load under OS 10.2.x and 10.3.x
Added program icons
14/07/05 3.0d Added support for analogue mouse stick
Added support for digital mouse stick
Added support for AMX mouse
12/07/05 3.0c Added support for F9-F12
Remapped Break key to F12
Remapped F0 key to F10
Added Map A,S to CAPS,CTRL option
11/07/05 3.0b Added Save Preferences menu option (stored in beebem.ini)
Added New Disc 0/1 menu options
Added Load/Save State
Added Quick Load/Save State
Added Printer options
04/07/05 3.0a Initial Release

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