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ADFS Explorer is a program which allows you load floppy disc and hard disc images, view files and copy files to and from your PC's hard disc or other running copies of ADFS or DFS Explorer. If you don't already know, ADFS was one of the disc filing systems used by the Master 128 range of computers.

Hard disc images are used by the excellent BeebEm Acorn/BBC emulator program. Hard disc emulation was added to BeebEm at version 2.3 Beta 3 and further enhanced in version 3. Instructions for using the hard disc images are in the README.TXT file contained within the BeebEm installation file. Hard disc images are also supported by my Mac Port of BeebEm.

Disc images are used by most BBC/Acorn emulator programs. Rather than use the original physical floppy disc with the emulators,  a track by track disc image is made and used instead.

If you still have access to a BBC Computer and a suitable serial lead, you can create a disc image of your old ADFS discs or hard discs using the disc transfer facilities built into ADFS Explorer. Instructions for making up a serial cable are included in the download package below.

Alternatively, there are plenty of ready made disc images of popular programs widely available for download from the internet. Places to try are :

The program will allow you to load or create a new ADFS disc images in any of the following formats :

  •  40T single sided ADFS (S) - adf (160K)
  •  80T single sided ADFS (M) - adf (320K)
  •  80T double sided ADFS (L) - adl (640K)
  •  4 Head, 32 Track, 33 Sectors hard disc - dat (1MB)
  •  4 Head, 64 Track, 33 Sectors hard disc - dat (2MB)
  •  4 Head, 128 Track, 33 Sectors hard disc - dat (4MB)
  •  4 Head, 256 Track, 33 Sectors hard disc - dat (8MB)
  •  4 Head, 512 Track, 33 Sectors hard disc - dat (16MB)
  •  4 Head, 1024 Track, 33 Sectors hard disc - dat (32MB)
  •  4 Head, 2048 Track, 33 Sectors hard disc - dat (64MB)
plus it can load a hard disc image of any geometry with a valid .dsc file.

The program now supports direct access to CF Cards as used by the Model B or Master 128 Internal Compact Flash Hard Drive Kit available from Mark Haysman of RetroClinic.

Just plug your CF Card into a suitable card reader attached to your PC and ADFS Explorer will be able to process the contents, the same as a normal hard disc image.

After loading a disc image, you will see a screen similar to the one below :


It shows the contents of the disc image in a similar way to Windows explorer. You can navigate the folders on the left and selecting them will show the contents of the folders on the right.

You can select files and show their contents in either text, Wordwise, hex or de-tokenised BASIC format (with further options to save or print the displayed file). Directories can also be displayed in *CAT, *CATALL, *EX or *EXALL formats.

You can drag and drop individual files or groups of files to and from your PC or other running copies of the ADFS or DFS Explorer programs.

You can also export whole directories or even the whole disc in one go by use of drag and drop or menu options.

Other options are available for deleting, creating and renaming directories or files as well as setting file attributes, disc boot options and directory titles. Options can be selected off the main menu or a context sensitive menu will appear if you right-click a file or directory name in either window.

Please ensure you have backup copies of your disc images before attempting to modify them.

You can download the latest version of the program below :

To help cover costs, I have decided to make ADFS Explorer shareware at a cost of only 5.00.

Instead of paying the shareware fee, would you please consider making a small donation instead to my wife's Just Giving page. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is trying to raise money to help a charity which is providing her with lots of help and support throughout her journey. Just email me your Computer ID, Registration Name and which program you wish to register and I will send a key back. Thanks, Jon & Tracy

Alternatively, if you wish to register the program, please enter the Computer ID and Registration Name below and click the Buy Now button.

Your personalised Computer ID can be found on the Register menu option inside ADFS Explorer.

Your registration key will be returned as soon as I can process the request, usually within 24 hours and normally by return if I am at the computer. If you do not receive your key after 24 hours, please check your spam folder or get back to me.

PLEASE NOTE : The Computer ID is valid for one computer only so you will not be able to install the program onto multiple computers without purchasing additional registration keys.

Once registered, all future updates of ADFS Explorer will be free of charge.

If you decide not to register the program, you will not be able to save any disc images you create but all other features will be fully active.

Computer ID
Registration Name
Unfortunately, there is a problem again with Paypal in that they no longer send me the Computer ID and Registration Name as part of the order confirmation. Could you please email them to me separately at so I can  process the order. Thanks

If you are unwilling to use PayPal to register the program, please contact me for alternative payment methods.

Revision History
Date Version Changes
22/05/18 3.0.2 Added support for direct access to CF Cards with options to open a CF card image, format a card and backup/restore images to the card
Instead of loading entire hard disc image into memory, the image is read/written to in real time so reduces memory usage
This does mean that any changes to the image are permanent so PLEASE backup your disc image before altering it
20/07/12 2.2.0 Added option to resize disc images
(for users that can't load 512MB images, this will allow you to convert the image to a smaller size which will load ok)
Corrected bug when trying to delete $ directory from tree view
Shows current path/file in status bar
Added View As Mode x picture with palette change options
Speeded up initial parsing of disc image and screen display
Optimised loading of large images so low memory users now may be able to process 512MB images
15/07/10 2.1.0 Added View As Teletext page option
with options to print or save page as BMP file
Added support for non-interleaved discs
Added warning if trying to load a disc image with not enough free memory
29/09/07 2.0.0 Made program shareware
Added * Command option to XFER Menu
Automatically load disc image after successful XFER (via option)
Play WAV file after successful XFER transfer (via option)
Remember size and position of trace,view,CLI and receive windows
16/09/07 1.7.5 Added option to send ADFS disc format program to remote computer
21/07/07 1.7.4 Added WordWise file viewer
Added Copy/Select All to clipboard from File View menu
(to allow easy transfer of single program listings to BeebEm)
30/06/07 1.7.3 Made the program Vista compatible
You may need to turn on User Account Control to install it properly
29/05/06 1.7.2 Added option for check before transfer - performs a CRC of data first and only transfers if different
More tweaks to improve transfer speed
Fixed several minor bugs
Many thanks to Peter Van Ek for helping me test the new transfer routines
23/04/06 1.7.1 Added options for transferring only used sectors
Added a multi-track buffer for even quicker disc image transfers
Improved error handling of bad sectors
Improved UI of transfer in progress screen
Added option for setting transfer baud rate
Fixed several minor bugs
17/04/06 1.7.0 Added option for sending and receiving disc images from a real BBC
18/03/06 1.6.3 Fixed error when importing or exporting zero length files
17/03/06 1.6.2 Added menu option to pad disc images to full size when saving
01/02/06 1.6.1 Fixed problem of files not showing when loading a disc with only a root directory
15/01/06 1.6.0 Creates required .DSC file for use with BeebEm
Creates sub-directories when importing a DFS image
Merged ADFS Explorer and HADFS Explorer into one program
Allow drag and drop in directory tree view (for moving files/directories between directories)
Auto detect type of disc when loading/saving
Added F2, F5, Del and Ctrl-A keyboard shortcuts
Removed a few unnecessary directory tree re-freshes
Can now edit load/exec addresses of a file
Asks to save changes when quit/load/new disc image
01/06/05 1.5.1 Added Compact Disc option
24/05/05 1.5.0 Added Disassemble File option
Added Find option to View File window
23/05/05 1.4.1 Minor fix to detect invalid directory and filenames
21/05/05 1.4.0 Added support for DFS Explorer program
17/05/05 1.3.0 Minor usability tweaks
17/05/05 1.2.0 Fixed a bug in the File menu where options were available before a file was selected
16/05/05 1.1.0 Added facilities for writing to disc images
08/05/05 1.0.0 Initial Release

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