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I have recently acquired a StrongArm Risc PC off eBay :

  •  233 Mhz
  •  Risc OS 3.7
  •  64MB RAM
  •  2MB VRAM
  •  20GB Hard Drive
  •  24x CD-ROM
  •  i-cubed NIC

Many years ago I wrote several programs for, my then, Archimedes 440. After seeing if they still work on the new Risc PC, I will be making some available for download.

To gauge initial interest, I have placed a couple of my file utility programs on here.

Please remember that these program were written in 1989/1990 using Risc OS 2, well before large hard discs, fancy desktops and fast processors became available so they may not look pretty but they still seem to work OK !

The first is a command line utility for searching for files on disc and displaying the results in a nice graphical directory tree structure. Click here for info on dirtree.

The second is a clone of the XTREE file management program. Click here for info on !xtree.

The third will probably be a BeebEm port

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