WINTNC Minor Upgrade 2.04

This update :
  • Allows you to configure an external editor rather than use the internal editor
  • Alters the default telnet server port to 6301
  • Removes registration requirements
  • Got mail forwarding working with linbpq and BPQ32
  • Increased font sizes in dialog boxes and tab strip
  • Tidied directory browser to better support long filenames
  • Reorganised Port Dialog configuration dialog box for AGW parameters
  • Added connect option to force transparent telnet connections
  • Auto start YAPP download when detect incoming YAPP transfer
  • Got dialog bitmaps displaying properly
  • Minor bug fixes and other small improvements

I have now removed all registration requirements to the program and all features of the program are FREE to use. However, if you find the program useful and wish to help support the program in the future, you can make a voluntary donation here. Thanks !

You can now configure an external editor rather than use the inbuilt editor. Select Editor Configuration from the main Alt-S setup dialog and you will see :

Type 'Internal' to use the internal editor or type the name of an external program, such as NOTEPAD or the full pathname to any other editor, such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad.exe You must also add %s to the end of the program name to specify the filename parameter as shown in the dialog above. Different programs may require the filename specifying in a different manner so please enter the correct information for the program you wish to use.

There appears to be different ways of transferring data over a telnet connection, either in line mode where a CR is required after sending every packet, another mode where LF's are automatically appended to CR's and 0xFF characters are escaped and sent as 0xFF 0xFF etc or you can use a transparent connection where characters are sent as is and not transformed in any way. I call these LINE MODE, FBB MODE and TRANSPARENT MODE.  WINTNC attempts to detect which mode to use automatically but you can override the decision and force a transparent mode connection if required.

WINTNC can detect when connecting to an FBB system and automatically puts the connection into FBB mode which appends LF's to CR's and doubles up on 0xFF characters. This is most obvious when trying to do compressed mail forwarding as it wouldn't work if these transformations weren't removed from the data stream. You can force an FBB connection to use transparent mode by prefixing your callsign with a '.' when logging on but to get WINTNC to recognise this, you must also append a 'T' character to the connect string to force a transparent connection, ie to connect to the FBB BBS running on GB7MBC via a transparent connection, you could use a script which says :

WHEN Callsign :
REPLY .g7jjf^M
WHEN Password :
REPLY #######^M

Note the '.' before the callsign and the 'T' at the end of the initial connect line.

BPQ/LINBPQ nodes also accepts telnet connections and this can be on two different port numbers, either the TCPPORT or FBBPORT (you will have to confirm with the remote sysop the actual port numbers to connect on). linbpq typically uses port 2323 for TCPPORT and 2424 for FBBPORT. A connection to TCPPORT put the connection into line mode where a CR is needed after sending each packet. A connection to FBBPORT is transparent and no transformation of data is performed. This is the preferred connection method when doing binary transfers such as YAPP or mail forwarding. Connections to FBBPORT don't prompt for a callsign/password to logon on with so you will need a connect script such as :

REPLY g7jjf^M#######^M^M

Note the double ^M^M at the end of the second line which is required.

Apologies to John G8BPQ if I have got any of the BPQ specifics wrong :(

Incoming connections to the telnet server in WINTNC are automatically put into transparent mode so binary YAPP transfers work without issues.

When testing binary YAPP transfers on various remote systems, it was noticed that some YAPP servers do not automatically retry the initial YAPP enquiry command when performing the download. This has the side effect that you start the yapp download and the server sends the initial enquiry frame. You then have to initiate the YAPP download within WINTNC but the transfer stalls because the remote YAPP servers doesn't timeout and retry the initial enquiry command so nothing happens. The YAPP server within WINTNC has a timeout and retry mechanism on the downloads so this problem doesn't affect WINTNC.

To overcome this, I have added a YAPP autostart option such that if WINTNC detects the YAPP enquiry frame, it automatically goes into the YAPP download routine without you having to initiate it first. The auto routines picks up the YAPP filename from the protocol header packet and stores the received file in the YAPP download directory you configure in the new YAPP configuration dialog box :

Tick the Auto Start check box to automatically start YAPP downloads, the files are stored in the directory specified (defaulting to the YAPP folder off the main WINTNC directory). Please make sure this directory exists before attempting a YAPP transfer.

You can download the update file below :

The link only updates your main WINTNC.EXE program. You must of course already have the full Ver 2.00 installed on your system prior to installing the upgrade. Use the link below to download the full program :

  • Download WINTNC2.EXE (999K) 16/08/23

  • Date Downloads
    Sep 2023 277
    Oct 2023 86
    Nov 2023 0
    Total 363

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