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WINTNC is provided free of charge to licensed ham radio operators and you are under no obligation to pay to use the program. However, if you find it useful and wish to help support the future of the program (and to help get me back on air !), would you please consider making a small donation ?

I would really appreciate it and it would encourage me to further enhance the program with new features.

The amount is up to you and anything you wish to donate would be gratefully received.

Donation Amount (in GBP)

The donation process is handled by PayPal.

Thanks to the following users who have donated so far :

Brook N5DGK

Alternatively, would you please consider making a small donation to my wife's Just Giving page. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is trying to raise money to help a charity which is providing her with lots of help and support throughout her journey. Thanks, Jon & Tracy

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