WINTNC Minor Upgrade 2.03

This update :
  • Adds a callsign/password protected telnet server to connect to your node over the internet
  • Allow the additional selection of COM ports 10 to 20
  • Made screen width configurable with a max size of 70 rows x 132 cols
  • Tidied up port configuration dialog box
  • Added RAW Port mode to allow communications with a non-KISS mode TNC

WINTNC now includes a telnet server which allows users to connect to your node over the internet without the use of a radio. The connection is protected by a callsign/password combination which the remote user needs to enter correctly before being allowed onto the node. Once the user has connected to the node, he has access to all the facilities of your node including the PMS, Yapp server etc.

You are in control of who is allowed to connect to the node by the use of a user configuration file. This is called node.usr and is located in the same directory as the WINTNC.EXE program. This file contains a list of callsigns and passwords and is stored in a comma separated format. A user needs to contact you with their callsign and required password for you to create an entry in the node.usr before they can connect.

An example of a node.usr file is :


This contains three users and their passwords.

If a user tries to connect and provides a wrong password or an unrecognised callsign, WINTNC displays the contents of the node.reg file which is again stored in the WINTNC.EXE directory. A typical example of the contents of the node.reg file is :

To register for access to G7JJF's node, please send an email with your callsign and registration password to

To enable the node, you need to go to the Node Configuration option of the Alt-S configuration menu item :

Click the tick box to enable the server and enter the desired port number.

You will also need to allow this port through your computers firewall (if enabled) and also setup port forwarding through your router to the computer running WINTNC. Instructions for this are beyond the scope of these notes as this differs between computer setups.

Once this is all configured and WINTNC is running, a remote user can use a telnet client (such as WINTNC itself or the Windows telnet program) to connect to your node or you can locally connect using the loopback address :

Please remember to disconnect your telnet session once you have finished to allow other users to connect to the node as well.

To change your screen size, go into the Video configuration of the Alt-S setup menu and select the maximum screen height and width :

You can go up to 70 lines by 132 characters but I prefer a 50 x 132 display. Restart the program to use the new values and then maximise the WINTNC window to resize the display.

You can now communicate with a TNC which is not in KISS mode. This bypasses the inbuilt KISS mode AX25 driver and allows you to use the TNC as you would with any other terminal driver program.

You configure this by adding a RAW port through the Port configuration dialog box :

Specify the same parameters as you would for a normal KISS mode TNC.

When you then run WINTNC, the last TNC tab is then dedicated to communicating with the attached TNC over the specified serial port :

You can then click on the COM12 tab and talk to your attached TNC. You can add as many RAW TNC's as you need, each one using the next available TNC tab.

You can of course mix and match KISS and RAW TNC's to combine the best of both worlds.

You can download the update file below :

The link only updates your main WINTNC.EXE program. You must of course already have the full Ver 2.00 installed on your system prior to installing the upgrade.

Date Downloads
Sep 2023 186
Oct 2023 10
Nov 2023 0
Total 196

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