WINTNC Minor Upgrade 2.01

This update includes :
  • Telnet Client
  • ANSI Driver

To make a telnet connect, use the syntax :

C <ip addr>:<port>




C <host name>:<port>



if the address is resolveable on your computer to the actual IP address.

Telnet is usually used to connect to a remote BBS over the internet and some BBS's use ANSI colour sequences when displaying text as shown below :

When you disconnect from a remote system, the telnet connection can take a few seconds to close down. You can always click the Disconnect button on the tool bar to help speed things up.

You can download the update file below :

The link only updates your main WINTNC.EXE program. You must of course already have the full Ver 2.00 installed on your system prior to installing the upgrade.

Date Downloads
Aug 2023 28
Sep 2023 95
Oct 2023 8
Nov 2023 0
Total 131

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