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WINTNC Minor Upgrade 1.01h

I have had a few requests recently if I had any plans for writing a 32-bit KISS version of WINTNC which will work under the new OS's like Windows 2000 and Windows XP as the last version 1.01g didn't work. To be honest, I wasn't aware of this as I haven't been active on Packet Radio for many years now and haven't tried to use WINTNC on anything later than Win 98.

So, I dug out the old source code and fired it up under Windows XP to see why it didn't work. It was pretty obvious when I looked as the program was using direct hardware access of the serial ports which is no longer allowed on the modern OS's.

Converting the software to a full 32-bit application would take many months and for the number of people using the program now, it just isn't viable.

However, after a weekend of hacking the code, I have now got the existing 16-bit application running OK. I have replaced all the hardware access routines with standard Windows API calls and everything still seems to work. The program should be able to talk to any KISS device attached to COM1 to COM9.

I have made the program available for anyone who wants to try it out. You can upgrade your current copy of WINTNC to the new version by clicking the link below.

If you are a new user and wish to purchase a registration number for WINTNC, you can make a secure debit or credit card payment by clicking the Buy Now button below. I will return the necessary registration information upon confirmation of payment, normally by return. Please advise your name and callsign when making the payment.

Click here to register WINTNC for only 10

You must of course already have the full Ver 1.01 installed on your system prior to installing the upgrade.

This file will install the full system including the latest 1.01h program. It is equivalent of installing 1.01 first then applying the 1.01h upgrade.

If anyone tries the program and it works for them, please let me know.

PLEASE NOTE : This upgrade will not make the Baycom side of the program work on a 32-bit OS. This would require writing a new driver program which I don't have the time or skills to do.

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