TNC V1.42



TNC Driver Version 1.42

The Packet Terminal Driver program is a general purpose communications package for communicating with a packet TNC attached to your IBM-PC/clone. The program was written to work with the Kantronics range of TNC's but should work with any TNC that is connected to a serial port on your computer.

The software includes many features not often found in other TNC driver programs including :

  • integrated Personal Mail System with FBB compatible compressed forwarding
  • split screen or full screen display
  • 500 line scroll back buffer with search facilities
  • pop up menu driven YAPP, YModem, XModem and ASCII file transfer facilities
  • connect directory
  • locator conversion and distance calculations
  • directory browser with comprehensive file viewer
  • file, notepad and clipboard editor
  • SSTV, WEFAX and RTTY support on Kantronics TNC's
  • built in ANSI driver for use with the latest BBS software
  • UUencode and UUdecode of files
  • 7PLUS encoding and decoding of files
  • REQDIR and REQFIL mail servers
  • simple to use yet sophisticated script language
  • timed execution of script files
  • a screen blanker
  • FBB header broadcast support

plus many more.

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