My latest acquisition is a Garrett GTI-1500

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I was going to go for the GTI-2000 model (top of the range and all that), but the nice Nigel Ingram from Regton Ltd (where I bought the detector) didn't recommend this machine and to go for the 1500 instead. He's the expert not me, so I went with his suggestion.

I also went for the accessories - head phones, spade, barrelling kit etc so I should be setup for a while anyway.

I also went for a Garmin GPS-III as well.

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This is an amazing gadget which I wouldn't travel without now. Its major use of course is to record the position of my finds which I then feed into my database. It is also very useful for finding my way home again after digs. What tends to happen is everyone meets centrally then goes in convoy to the dig site. This is all well and good if you know the area but, if like me, you have led a very sheltered life and very rarely ventured past the end of your own street, it is very easy to get lost getting back. Everyone leaves the dig at different times so I simply reverse the outgoing route stored in the GPS and follow it back home. It tells you where to turn left and right and so far, touch wood, it has never failed.

I have also just purchased a digital camera which I intend to take on digs to record site visits as well as record my finds.


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