MUTNC V 2.05



Multiuser BPQ Driver Version 2.05

The multiuser/multitasking BPQ Packet Terminal Driver program is a general purpose communications package for communicating with a packet TNC or Baycom modem attached to your IBM-PC/clone in conjunction with the BPQ Node software.

The software includes many features not often found in other TNC driver programs including :

  • integrated Personal Mail System with FBB compatible compressed forwarding
  • YAPP file server, MH server and CHAT server all accessible from the BPQ Node
  • split screen or full screen display
  • 200 line scroll back buffer with search facilities
  • YAPP and ASCII file transfer facilities
  • connect directory
  • directory browser with comprehensive file viewer
  • file, notepad and clipboard editor
  • UUencode and UUdecode of files
  • 7PLUS encoding and decoding of files
  • REQDIR and REQFIL mail servers
  • simple to use yet sophisticated script language
  • timed execution of script files
  • a screen blanker
  • wordwrap with optional auto-justification of typed text
  • FBB header broadcast support

plus many more.

The software is fully multiuser/multitasking which means that more than one person can be active in any part of the system at once whilst you are still using the software for your own purposes. The software does not require any external multitasking software in order to run since it is all integral to the program.

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