I started to become interested in metal detecting back in 1980 when I caught sight of the following magazine in my local newsagent.

mag2.gif (18039 bytes)

I'm sure it was the Savo Beachcomber which attracted me !

Anyway, after studying several issues of the magazine to compare models (stop sniggering at the back !), my budget would only stretch to a fairly basic detector.


C-Scope TR-200

The first metal detector I bought was a C-Scope TR-200 for about 35. It was only a very basic induction balance machine but served me well. md2.gif (9061 bytes)

Back in those days, I went detecting on my own and being young, only detected on fields and parks close to home. Finds weren't very exciting and mainly consisted of modern coinage and the usual trash.

The best of the bunch was my very first find in the back garden. It was a childs silver bracelet. It didn't belong to anyone in our family so I don't know how long it had been buried.

brace.gif (16046 bytes)

A year or two later, I started to build a metal detector from a kit out of the ETI magazine. I can't find the original article and don't remember much about the machine apart from I never finished it. The last I saw of it was when I took it to school for a teacher there to wind me some coils. He never got around to it and 'forgot' where he had stored it.

As seems to be the norm, after a while, the interest started to wane as no exciting finds came up and other interests took over (building my first Acorn Atom but thats another story)

I bought my next detector in 1994. I went for a C-Scope again and chose a Metedec 3 which was top of the range back then (can't find a picture to scan :-(

I took it over the same sites as before and little new finds came up apart from some more modern coinage.

I tried to locate a club to join but I couldn't find anywhere in the area that was active, so again, the detector was relegated to the loft after a while.

However, things finally changed for the better when I eventually found a local club.

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