WINTNC Scripts



WINTNC Scripts

Now I have telnet working, I am able to log on to a BBS to read/send/collect mail. To make it easier, I am using a script to automatically do all this for me.

I use GB7MBC which has telnet access. The IP address I use is on port 6300.

The script I use is :

WHEN Callsign :
REPLY g7jjf^M
WHEN Password :
REPLY ############^M

The script is called gb7mbc.scr and stored in my WINTNC\script directory. I also add an entry to my TNC.DIR file :


so I can connect via the Alt-C connect directory.

When the script runs, it :

  • Connects to the remote BBS
  • Waits for the Callsign prompt and automatically enters my callsign
  • Waits for the Password prompt and automatically enters my password
  • Wait for the BBS '>' prompt before entering FBB forwarding mode by sending the [WINTNC-2.00-$] string
  • Wait for the BBS prompt again before sending a L command (list all new messages since last connect)
  • The next line is the clever one which scans all the message headers from the L command looking for the keywords in the list. When the '>' prompt comes back, it automatically requests the messages via FBB compressed forwarding and stores them in your local PMS for later viewing.
  • Once the messages (if there are any) have been retrieved, the script disconnects the connection

Part of a typical session is shown below :


The script collects messages 676 and 668 as they both contain the word 'TODAY'

and both appear in my local PMS message list for later offline viewing.

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