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BBC Emulator For the Pocket PC

I have had a little play and ported the excellent BeebEM BBC/Master 128 emulator written by David Alan Gilbert, Mike Wyatt, Richard Gellman (and others no doubt) to the Pocket PC.

It's by no means perfect yet but good enough to play the following games without too much trouble !

After I have sorted out a few niggles, I will place the emulator on here for download.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get the emulator to run at a playable frame rate yet on a Pocket PC. It runs fine on my desktop under the development environment but not on a physical device. I'm still trying to find out what is slowing it down so much and when I have sorted the problem, I will make the BBC emulator available for download.

In the meantime, if anyone else wants a crack at improving the current version, you can download the source code here (184K). Please note that the source code doesn't include any ROM images. I am sure there are other web sites where these can be obtained.

I'm using embedded Visual C++ Ver 3.0 to compile the source and it doesn't require any external libraries or anything else to compile. There is no executable of BeebEm in the source so please don't download it unless you have the means and knowledge to compile it yourself.

When transferring to your PDA, you will need to copy the files in the Root Folder directory to the root folder of your PDA. The executable can go anywhere. The keyboard mapping is as per the PC version of BeebEm so you may have to hunt around the keyboard to find the correct key. You need to use the normal popup keyboard or an external keyboard which both work fine.

If you download the source code or manage to improve the emulator at all, please let me know.

Screen shots from version 1.0












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