Application Notes


Having a look through my collection of old RISC OS discs, I came across one containing some Acorn Application Notes.

Below are the files off the disc.

Each file is in !SparkPlug format.

Index of Application Notes
Num Description
001 Composite Video Colour Modifications (Except Electron & Compact)
002 Using the Olivetti JP101 Printer (General Information)
003 1 Mhz Bus (Except Electron & Compact
004 Tube (Except Electron & Compact)
005 *FX3 (Except Electron & Compact unless fitted with RS232 Upgrade)
006 Z80 User Guide Errata (Except Electron & Compact)
007 Z80 Application Note (Except Electron & Compact)
008 View Hints and Tips
009 Viewstore Hints and Tips
010 Label Printing Within a View Macro
011a Viewspell DFS To ADFS (Except Electron)
011b Viewstore DFS To ADFS (Except Electron)
012 How to write a viewstore Utility
013 Acorn Electron +1 ; Disabling the Centronics and A/D Port
014 Acorn Electron Cartridge Interface Spec.
015 Acorn Electron Expansion Note
016 Acorn Electron Screen Displays
018 Acorn Electron User Guide Errata
019 BBC Disc Errors
020 *FX/Osbyte Features not in User Guide
021 Connecting a Joystick
023 DFS User Guide - Addendum
024 ADFS User Guide - Addendum
027 BBC User Guide Errata
028 Issue 2 BASIC Application Note
029 Information on the B+
030 BBC Model B+ Additional Information
031 BBC Model B & Model B+ Function Differences
032 Using BASIC IV on Master 128 and Master Compact
033 Using BAS128 on Master 128 and Master Compact
034 Edbin and Move User Guide
035 BBC Master 128 Cartridge Interface
036 BBC Master 128 Welcome Disc Converter Program
037 Functional Differences between BBC Model B and BBC Master 128
039 Changing RS423 Port
041 Master 128 Welcome Guide - Addendum
042 Inserting ROMS into the Master
043 BBC Master Series Operating System Application Note (OS 3.20)
044 BBC Master Series ANFS Application Note
045 BBC Master Series ADFS Application Note
046 BBC Master Series Edit Application Note
047 BBC Master Series Terminal Application Note
049 Master 512 Applications Compatibility
050 Master 512 Technical Information
051 Master 512 Mouse Driver Demo
053 Downloading DFS into the BBC Master Compact
054 Connecting a 5.25 inch Floppy Disc Drive
055 Saving Timpaint onto a blank disc
058 6502 to ARM Application Note
061 6502 Applications using !65 Host
062 Archimedes French Keyboard Diagram Layout (Photocopy only)
066 PC Emulator Floppy Installation (Except A5000) (Photocopy only)
067 PC Emulator Hard Disc Partition (1.60 & 1.70)
069 RISC OS and 1st Word Plus Release 1 in Mode 20
070 Removing Vertical Tab Line from 1st Word Plus and Printer Drivers
071 Capturing Areas of the Screen for printing - Except A5000 (photocopy only)
072 A300 Series Issue 3 and A400 Issue 1 Welcome Guide - Addendum (Photocopy only)
074 Econet Level 3, Installation Instructions
075 Econet Level 3, File Structure
076 Econet Level 2, File Structure
077 Econet FileStore Formatting Instructions (Docs and Discs from Acorn only)
078 Econet Level 3, Fileserver System ID Recovery (Request in writing from Acorn only)
079 FileStore Password File recovery
200 1st Word + Printer Driver Guidelines
201 Scrap Files - the use of !Scrap and ScrapFile storage
203 Master Series Configuration Guidelines
208 Fitting Extra Flooppy Disc Drives to Arm Bases machines
217 Setting up the correct keyboard driver when using PC emulator on A4
219 Pinouts for making an Econet Cable for the A3020/A4000
220 Printers Supported by RISC OS 3 printer drivers
222 Fonts - a shared resource for RISC OS 2 and RISC OS 3
224 Adding additional fonts to Acorn DTP
225 RISC OS 3.10 power on self test
226 VIDC Screen Mode parameters information
227 Using the Psion 3 Link with the PocketBook and the PC Emulator
228 Purchase and Installation of a simple AUN network
231 Optimising AUN network performance

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